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Bob Brinsmead

Bob Brinsmead

A Story of the Promised Land

Australian poet, Andrew Barton (Banjo) Patterson, tells the story of the old pioneer who says to his kids,

“There is one Bible story I fully understand.
It’s how those ancient patriarchs lived upon the land.”

Just so, I venture to say,

There is a Bible story I fully understand,
It’s how the early Hebrews found the Promised Land.

Here’s my real-life story about finding the Promised Land. It has given me an insight into the greatest human story ever told – the story of the Hebrews’ flight from Egypt (the Exodus) and their subsequent settlement in the Promised Land of Palestine.

The Writer

Besides being an Australian farmer, horticulturalist, local government Councillor, entrepreneur induced into the Tweed region’s Business Hall of Fame (2005), and a happily married family man, I have been a freelance writer (provocateur and heretic in the view of some) for over 50 years.  My books and papers on matters relating to theology, ecology and biography have been published by a range of publishers, chief of whom was Verdict Publications whose widely circulating journal of theology I edited in its heyday for more than 10 years prior to my retirement. Any comments or inquiries addressed to me at email me. will be welcome, whether pro or con, provided they are expressed in the same irenic spirit in which I always try to write. Humans of goodwill can disagree without being disagreeable. The motto here is that great old saying of an ancient prophet, “Come, let us reason together.”