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About this Worldview 21 Website/Blog

Worldview 21 will address a range of 21st century issues, including the science and politics of global warming. It will also look at the apocalyptic and religious nature of climate change alarmism. The worldviews or belief systems driving the science and the politics of global warming may well be the most determinative factor in the world-wide efforts to stop climate change by reducing mankind’s carbon emissions.

So the sections on Ecology and Theology may not be so unrelated as they might appear at first blush. The only science wherein the author can claim any hands-on practical experience is in horticulture, but this too is vitally related to a whole range of environmental issues, including organic farming, GM foods and mankind’s relationship to nature - which in itself, is a central theological or worldview issue.

In the midst of a theological discussion, the reader may well ask, What has all this got to do with the science and politics of global warming? The answer, of course, is that the unspoken worldviews and belief systems that people hold are the windows through which they see the world and interpret everything else, including basic scientific data.

The vast book-making and motion picture industry demonstrates that the humans live by ideas that are embodied in stories. What drives the global warming/climate change ideology more than anything else is a certain narrative which has remarkable similarities to other primeval or archetypal stories about human beginnings. Who could deny, for instance, how the narrative of Paradise Lost has had an enormous influence on the Christian West, spawning copy-cat Marxist and Environmental versions of the same myth of human alienation at the dawn of human history.

The 21st century narrative about humans destroying the earth with carbon emissions and catastrophic global warming is phenomenally successful because it taps into all the apocalyptic pessimism of a more primeval religious narrative about the state of the earth and the human condition. The bad news about humans destroying the earth with carbon emissions and global warming sells newspapers and mesmerizes the crowd with visions of the world going to hell in a hand basket.

We can count on one thing: apocalyptic has a 100% failure rate. Global warming has been sexed up to become the mother of all apocalyptic scares, but this too will soon pass when the wheel of history turns and crushes this one like all the rest. It is against this background of failed apocalyptic narratives that we need to articulate a more optimistic narrative about the state of the world and the human condition. I see evidence for the emergence of this new narrative from many thinkers and publications that will be listed on this website from time to time. It is narrative more in harmony with the trajectory of human progress throughout history, and it articulates a vision of the human potential that, in the words of Freeman Dyson, is “infinite in all directions.”

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